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SOURCE CODE’S "STAND FOR LOVE" is more than a monthly membership. It is a movement.
A movement where we nurture one another into a new reality, where we feel safe, loved, held and understood, where we are part of a community of like-minded heart-centered individuals who support one another.

In this space you will have EARLY ACCESS to chapters from Dr. Sam's forthcoming book 'SOURCE CODE' -- 1 YEAR AHEAD OF PUBLICATION.

And you will meet with Dr. Sam LIVE ON ZOOM twice per month for juicy, free 1:1 coding sessions and loving group discussions.

You can also opt in to the Book Club PODS--where you are paired in GROUPS of FOUR and given discussion prompts. Some people say the pods are their favorite part of the membership.

This membership is for those of us who have had enough of the old way and feel ready and make an embodied choice in every moment to Stand for Love.

We are here to hold space, call each other into our highest, and help each other see ourselves clearly so that we may be the seeds of a new world. A world without unnecessary suffering.

The ripple effect is a strong current. Because everything is interconnected, your embodiment of love has an effect on everything that is and will be.

  • lifetime access to early chapters from Dr. Sam's forthcoming book, one year ahead of publication
  • two free monthly zooms with dr. sam and the stand for love community 
  • book club pods to build community and deepen connection and growth
  • inspiring book club prompts to accompany each chapter 


  • a community of heart-centered, integrous people 
  • sign up for individual 1:1 coding sessions with solvents as needed 
  • free resources for understanding and healing your coping styles 
  • source code public events calendar

“After embarking on the Source Code journey, I was struck with a fierce sense of clarity. It feels as though I have woken up to the beauty of my life and I cannot look away from its brilliance.” –Victoria F. 

“Source Code brings such beautiful articulation to the deepest parts of the human experience. I have never felt so seen, so understood nor so hopeful in my life. The way that I show up for myself, my life and my relationships has shifted in such beautiful ways. I have always been a deeply intuitive and self-aware person, but Source Code brings a language and a clarity to life that nothing has before.” –Bailey B.

“Source Code has uncovered my deepest, most bottom layer secret wounds; things no method or therapist has ever known about, much less offered freedom from.” –Layne D.

“I truly believe Source Code helps not only the individual but generations ahead.” –Kathy L.

“Source Code returns me to a hope in humanity.” –Ralitza P.

“The one thing Source Code has given me that I will cherish forever is this feeling of unconditional love–that there's nothing bad about me, and there's not anything bad in anybody. There's no good or bad. We're all just people.” – Brit D.

“I didn’t know self-love hardly at all before. I do now, to my core.” –Mary B.

“I’ve never seen shifts like this happen to me in my life. Source Code brings endless breakthroughs and matrix-defying moments." –KC V.

“Thank you for introducing me to a world where magic exists. Where nothing is real and everything is real. Where life just gets better and better.” –Annie J. 

"All I can say is that I'm not scared of life anymore.” –Dani N.
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