12-Week Intensive with Maya Nicole & Dr. Sam$0

Tuesdays, April 2 - June 25, 2023 | 2-4pm pst

Each week we will do a deep dive on one of the 12 Coping Styles. You'll receive a lecture video prior to each live session where you learn from Dr. Sam how each Coping Style got formed in childhood and how it shows up now. During class, Maya will lead you in a Q&A plus will offer you juicy embodiment practices to help you emerge from each style.

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12-Week Coping Styles Intensive with Dr. Sam & Maya Nicole

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I promise to hold as confidential any personal information I hear from any of my fellow participants during the course. We are co-creating a safe container for people to share openly, and I promise to honor that.

I know that this course is not therapy, nor is it a substitute for therapy. I am responsible for my own mental health and if I am in need of any professional or medical help, I will seek it out.

I know that this course is not a substitute for any medical or physiological care. I am responsible for my own physical health and if I am in need of any medical treatment, I will seek it out.

I know this course is not a substitute for clinical supervision. I take responsibility for monitoring the mental and physical health of my clients and taking whatever means necessary to contain and treat them effectively, and/or refer them out to the proper medical professionals.

I understand that this workshop may be emotionally stimulating, and I will not hold Dr. Sam or any other facilitator or administrator or Source Code responsible for my emotional wellbeing.

I understand that teacher interaction is during class hours and on Mighty Networks only. I will not DM, email, call or text the teacher, unless in response to the teacher contacting me directly.

I understand that the Source Code Team has the right to remove any participant from the class at any time, if they feel that a participant’s presence may be harmful to themselves or others. If I am removed from the course I will be notified by the administrator and issued a full refund.

I understand that the session will be recorded and available to the participants of the class through the duration of the course and for two weeks after the course completes, to rewatch for learning purposes. The audio / visual recordings of myself will NEVER be used for promotional materials, unless I directly consent.

I understand that I will have access to all replays up until two weeks after the course concludes.

I promise I will not disseminate any of the materials from this class without explicit permission from Dr. Sam Rader. If I wish to use any of the terms or concepts that I learn from this course in any public forum such as social media, I promise to credit Dr. Sam verbally and also tag @drsamrader.

I understand that all payments are final and that no refunds shall be granted.
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“Ten years of therapy in 12 weeks.” –Tricia C.

"I've never seen shifts like this happen to me in my life...The 12-Week Intensive brings endless breakthroughs and matrix-defying moments." –KC V.

"I have been devoted to my personal growth and healing for 10 years and it wasn't until I found Source Code that I realized I had been skimming the surface the whole time. This is THE work." –Brigid S.

"I have never felt so seen, so understood nor so hopeful in my life. Source Code brings a language and a clarity to life that nothing has before." –Bailey B.

“The 12-Week has truly changed my life and my kids’ life because I parent with so much more awareness and a love deeper than I thought I ever could.” –Bryony M.

“As a man, I love Source Code because it is so methodical and grounded.” –Yan K.

"I've struggled with really bad OCD for a long time and sat in many therapist offices trying to work through it. After the 12-Week, I can say it's gone." –Tim S.

"After the Intensive, my relationship to food is just different. I can eat without worrying or having any restriction. I just eat and it's good." –Rachel N.

“Healing my Frictive wound, I no longer need my ADHD meds.” –Cameron G.

“The 12-Week Intensive uncovered my deepest, most bottom layer secret wounds; things no method or therapist has ever known about, much less offered freedom from.” –Layne D.

"I didn't know self-love hardly at all before. I do now, to my core." –Mary B.

"Source Code has been the clear mirror that has led me back to see myself, others, and the world with immense beauty, love and connectedness." –Kristine K.

“The one thing the 12-Week has given me that I will cherish forever is this feeling of unconditional love–that there's nothing bad about me, and there's not anything bad in anybody. There's no good or bad. We're all just people.” – Brit D. 

“I am breaking through the film that has always separated me from this world. And real things are changing all around me. People who want to be my friends are arriving without me straining to find them. I am willing to try things where I would normally shrink back. To say this is a really big deal would be downplaying how miraculous Source Code work has been for me.” –Sam D.

“This is the first time I spent time with my family since the 12-Week and HOLY SHIFT! The triggers have dissolved. I find myself having so much compassion for them” –Natalia C.

"I had been looking my entire life for answers to questions about who I am and why I am the way I am, and despite countless efforts for decades, I never found those answers until now. Through coming to understand my Coping Styles, I have noticed incredible shifts in my life and the way I show up in the world. It turns out there’s an entire world of beauty, magic, and ease that I had been missing.” –Marielle S.

"All I can say is that I'm not scared of life anymore." –Dani N.